GRN Swap Period is Live NOW

Each existing GRN coin can be swapped for a new ERC-20 GRN token using the token bridge. The GRN Swap Period started September 26th and runs 13 weeks – until December 26th at midnight GMT.

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IMPORTANT: The timing of your swap will affect the number of tokens you receive.

Swap early and sacrifice a percentage of your new tokens to gain immediate access. Wait until the final three weeks, and you’ll swap 1:1 and receive 100% of your tokens.

Token Bridge Schedule
Sept 26 - Oct 3
2:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 50% tokens to user, 50% to PowerDAO)
Oct 4 - Oct 10
1.9:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 52.6% tokens to user, 47.4% to DAO)
Oct 11 - Oct 17
1.8:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 55.6% tokens to user, 44.4% to DAO)
Oct 17 - Oct 24
1.7:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 58.8% tokens to user, 41.2% to DAO)
Oct 25 - Oct 31
1.6:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 62.5% tokens to user, 37.5% to DAO)
Nov 1 - Nov 7
1.5:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 66.7% tokens to user, 33.3% to DAO)
Nov 8 - Nov 14
1.45:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 68.9% tokens to user, 31.1% to DAO)
Nov 15 - Nov 21
1.4:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 71.4% tokens to user, 28.6% to DAO)
Nov 22 - Nov 28
1.35:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 74.1% tokens to user, 25.9% to DAO)
Nov 29 - Dec 5
1.25:1 Swap (500 flat GRN fee, 80% tokens to user, 20% to DAO)
Dec 6 - Dec 26
1:1 Swap (5 flat GRN fee, 100% tokens to user) - 3 week Final Swap Period
*PowerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that enables the community of token holders to directly govern GreenPower.
Start Your Swap Here

Once you are ready to swap, just follow these simple steps to swap your existing GRN for new GRN tokens:

Current Coin Location: In a separate browser window, access the exchange account where your GRN coins are currently held. (Keep in mind, you will need to do this process separately for each exchange where you hold GRN coins.)

Ethereum Wallet Destination: Please secure an Ethereum ERC20 wallet. You are strongly encouraged to hold your new GRN tokens directly in an Ethereum ERC20 wallet — NOT in a wallet address from an exchange account. This will eliminate potential issues during the transfer of your tokens. Popular Ethereum ERC20 wallet choices include: MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Mist, Parity, and Exodus.

Start Swap: Once you’re ready to begin the swap process: - Select an exchange where you currently have GRN coins, and click “Continue” - Enter your email address associated with your account at that exchange, and enter “Confirm” - A one-time password will then be sent to your email address, enter this OTP code and click “Continue”

GRN Token Bridge

Step 1
Select an exchange where your coins are held
More Swap Info

More information about the swap process:

Swap Fee

500 GRN tokens will be the flat fee charged on each swap executed prior to the Final Swap Period. The swap fee during the Final Swap Period will be just 5 GRN tokens. The fees generated will be used solely to pay the gas fees for these swaps to be executed on the Ethereum platform.

Final Swap Period

Final Swap Period will last for 3 weeks and will be a 1:1 swap (100%). Anyone who submits their coins to be swapped during this final period will not receive their new tokens shortly after the swap (as will occur in the previous weeks of the swap), but instead will have to wait until December 30th. All of the 1:1 swap recipients will receive their tokens at the same time on December 30th.

More details are available in the Swap section of the GreenPower White Paper.

Swap FAQs

Q. Do I have to swap all of my coins at once?

A. No, you can swap separate portions of your coins at different sections of the Token Bridge.

Q. Is there any limit to how many times I can swap?

A. There is no set limit, but keep in mind you will pay the 500 GRN swap fee every time you swap an amount of coins (prior to the Final Swap Period, when the fee will be 5 GRN per swap).

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